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Photos of Sea Dog  and her crew

Sea Dog At Sea

Sailor In The Sea Dog's Engine Room.
Anyone know who he might be?

MoMM 2/c Andrew Stalma in the Sea Dog's engine room.

Sea Dog In Port

In the close Up, you can see MoMM A. Stalma In Center

Photo of the crew on deck

Sea Dog Leaving Port

Conning Tower Shot

Dad On Deck (Left) With Three Shipmates

Painting The Deck For Punishment!  And The Party After!

Sea Dog Even Had Her Own Christmas Card!

USS Seadog sporting MS32/3SS-B camouflage. Thanks to George W. Clague, TM3/c,  this photo was properly identified as the Seadog taken off the coast of Corigador on Navy Day 1945.   George wrote, "I'm one of the sailors topside in whites. This was in memory of what happened there at the beginning of the war. We were stationed in Subic Bay at the time and were sent to Manila for that week in October."

These two photos were sent to me from AN Scott Deel, USNR. His uncle Lindy Lott served on the Sea Dog sometime between 1944 -1946. Here you can see a photo of Lindy, and the Sea dog approaching an unknown port.