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Photo's of the Springer
and her crew

Springer's Crew

*3* Battle Stars;  She sank four ships, destroyed 12 mines, and rescued nine pilots.

Springer at guam during a retrofit

One of Springer's 5/25 deck guns

Lifeguard duty in the Sea of Japan; The ocean was rough here, you can see two pilots on either side.

Pulling 'Zoomies' out of the ocean; Here pilots are being pulled from the ocean.  Notice the 40mm AA.

Another pilot rescued

Japanese plane shot down; Notice the tail of a Japanese plane shot down by our planes, while it was attacking Springer!

A sailor in the engine room; Here you can also see the gauges for the Fairbanks Morse engines.

MoMM 2/c A. Stalma at the aft engine room hatch

One of Springer's engine room crews

Springer's official sheriff! He found the outfit in the rag bag!

Springer's control room