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Scrapbook Photos

MOMM 2/c A. Stalma

Photo of a Boat made by Electric Boat. At first I was under the impression that she was the Springer, but as Jim Domnick pointed out, she is not a Government or Mare Island boat, you can tell by the limber holes. Thanks Jim!

Did you ever visit......

USS Tautog, SS199: Taken in 1943, President Roosevelt is standing in a car near the Tautog

USS Barracuda

USS S17, SS123: These were taken in 1943 at New London sub base where my father was in sub school.

USS Brill, SS330

USS Sea Fox, SS402

Subs at Pearl Harbor: On the right side you can see DD357 (Selfridge) she was sunk in the battle of Vella Lavella

MOMM 2/c A. Stalma at diesel school

Dad's deep dive certificate

A little humor from one of dad's shipmates

USS Cabezon, SS334