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Copyright © 1999 Ronald D. Stalma

Truthfulness, the final test of a man. Believe in and trust the Navy. Splended men have made it what it is. Do all you can to keep it as good as it is, and make it even better. (The Blue Jackets Manual, 1940, tenth edition, page 45)

     I often think of the men and women who have given their all so that our country would prosper. During World War II, this country was in a precarious position. We were fighting a war in Europe, and also in the Pacific. Even so, we still had plenty of capability left over for other things. In the European theater, we spared no expense. Europe was top priority when it came to our huge industrial and labor capability. Imagine, even with the tremendous effort going into the European theater, we had plenty left over to maintain and fight the Pacific war. I am thoroughly convinced that God raised up this great country for reason and purpose, so that God Himself and those who trust in him will be glorified in Christ.
     Considering that we were unstoppable in the days gone by of World War II. It seems that we have dismissed God, from whom our great strength and ability came from. If you were to study over some of the details concerning World War II, you would find that we have made just as many grave mistakes in war as our enemies did. So what caused us to triumph over our enemies? I can only attribute it to the power and glory of our God. It was the Lord Jesus Christ, who kept watch over us, and strengthened us, during those perilous times. Do we dare turn our back on the precepts of God, that were the basis for the founding of this country? My father and untold others like him, gave their all to their God and the country they loved.
     It is hard to forget, when you have been through a war. In the past few years, my father has reflected on the things that went on during the war. The good things and bad, the mistakes and the corrections. In knowing and living through many of the details and circumstances of World War II, my father has come to the logical conclusion, that the United States could have lost that war. We were no different from our enemies, except that God was with us. Why? Because we had been embracing his love and mercy, his written word in the Scriptures since the founding of this great country. It saddens my heart when I see men tearing down, and handing over to other nations, what brave men and women fought for in WWII. Bear with me now, because you might not agree with my perspective. All I ask is that you give my thoughts careful consideration. The other day I read an article in the newspaper, about a Judge who stood up for what he believed in, God's word. He permitted only Christian prayer and worship in his court room and was criticized for it. My friend, dare we ignore history? Dare we ignore the fact that in days past, nations prospered through God, and ungodly nations eventually fell to conquering armies and internal strife. Our country was founded on God's word, and If you were to read our constitution, you would see that it is based on Scriptural truths. We are fighting an old enemy now, Satan. He will stop at nothing trying to bring God's people down to the pit of Hell. He uses others like him, to spread lies and deceit. He attempts to trouble the faithful good men, women, and children, who belong to God through Jesus Christ. This is not meant to be a sermon, but a warning to us as a country to beware, not to turn our back on God.
     I have always listened intently to the stories that my father has told me repeatedly. Each time they seem new to me, fascinating me. I never knew why, until the spring of 1996, when my father experienced a second heart attack. With the prospect of losing him within a few days, or even hours, I began to reflect on the things that he told me of his life. God then began to teach me about history and people. Dad pulled through with only 25% of his heart capacity left, and Praise God, at 76, he is still as strong as ever. Because of the circumstances, I am thoroughly convinced that it was the Lord Jesus Christ at work, providing healing for my father to go on. Around that time, God laid it upon my heart to create this publication, and that it would be a testimony to the greatness of God, our country, my father and the others that fought in World War II. Often in the Scriptures, God has told of how he brings things to remembrance. I hope that this publication will be a remembrance to what God has accomplished through this country. Now putting aside the industrial might of the United States, it was God who triumphed through the men and women who put their lives on the line so that this country would prosper. During the past six months that it has taken me to research and complete this publication, my father and I have been drawn into a deeper  relationship. I will always remember him for the man he is, who he is in Christ, and how mightily God has used him. This publication is a testimony of the greatness of our God, and how he worked through the men and women who fought and died, standing up for the Lord Jesus Christ and what they believed in, freedom.     R.D.S.